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  • Anna
    Long troubled by frequent headaches. I was went to the reception to many doctors, but even невропатолог, nor an endocrinologist, and even a psychotherapist failed to assign to any diagnosis. You can tell that I смирилась and became just taking painkillers every time she felt the oncoming of a migraine. When I устраивалась on the job, I needed a place health book, what I've to take several analyses, and a test for parasites revealed that I in the body of a lot of deworming. Specialist determine the income drops bactefort. I took it, and after a month again has passed the bar exam – all clean! In addition, together with the worms gone, and my headaches.
  • Zsófia
    The daughter of after a trip at sea has become the complain of itching in the anal opening. I led her to the doctor, she has undergone tests for parasites, and the result was positive. I was afraid that the doctor will appoint powerful drugs, and the daughters have problems with the stomach, but the doctor suggested natural drops bactefort without side action. Daughter saw the whole course, then we have passed the test – result was negative!
  • Dávid
    I became often tired, some weakness has appeared, the constant dizziness. Then he went to the hospital and go through a general analysis of the blood showed hemoglobin significantly below the norm. The doctor the first thing he offered обследоваться parasites, and it got to the point – my body was full of worms. The doctor has put me drops Bactefortand after the course of adopting my problem is gone with herself. Now sometimes I drink this medicine for the prevention and even children.
  • Lili
    I had seasonal allergies to flowering. Because previously, such have been observed, I decided to обследоваться. After the transmission of the analysis on parasites, the reason for this reaction was clear. The doctor offered me income drops bactefort. I agreed, but inside the know, I use medicine based on herbs. Repeated blood tests to dispel my doubts – worms was not. Since I gone my allergies.
  • Péter
    Wife, colleagues, friends – they all noticed that I suddenly became lose weight and when it appeared a kind of irritability. When I turned to the expert, he suggested a number of analyses, and the test for parasites was positive. Wife bought I drops bactefortand I drank nearly a month after it noticed a significant improvement in state of health. Repeated blood tests to come clean, and the weight went up.
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