Experience with the use of Bactefort

About your story with us decided to share about Greta from Gothenburg (Sweden). A woman told about how drops Bactefort he helped her and her son to get rid of parasites, cure asthma and железодефицитную anemia.

Experience with the use of Bactefort

My son was born недоношенным, so all the problems with health, doctors are debited from the fact that they managed to get the desired development in the womb of the mother. So if in 2 years the us was the first bronchitis, I was told, strengthen immunity, released stimulant medication, recommended a trip to the sea, a visit to the salt caves and coniferous forests, but also regular physical activity.

Fearful of infecting the parasites, my son

Despite the fact that we followed all the instructions, obstructive bronchitis was not long in coming. A huge amount of antibiotics, dropper, injection and inhalation for a child of three дались with difficulty. After discharge from the hospital, we with the husband have decided to change the climate to leave for half a year to a warm country. But as soon as we returned home, the son happened to the double-sided pneumonia. The treatment was lengthy and very serious, after the release I felt terrible despair, because no new recommendations did not give a positive effect.

In general, the 5 years son stood a diagnosis – asthma. I was worried about the fate of the child, that's why I decided to happiness in his private clinic doctor who specialized in the treatment of the bronchi and lungs. After watching the child and raking the medical history, the doctor said that you must first successfully pass the tests for parasites, before you undertake any treatment methods. Inside of myself I start laughing, because he didn't see any link between asthma and worms. But a very good reason – when they came to the results of the analyses, I was in shock. It turned out that the son is not the asthma, and his lungs are flooded with roundworm.

How my son managed to overcome the worms

I am insanely grateful to the doctors who recommended us обследоваться on the parasites, because if I continued to, in fact, a healthy baby asthma medication, who knows what would it ended. The specialist recommended us to enjoy the natural drops against parasites Bactefort. I was very glad that no toxic and harmful medication you won't have to use it. My son drank the drops after the required time, after which we once again passed the tests, and the result showed that the flesh of the son net.

Now the child feels well, and I finally had time for myself. Even after the arrival of the child in me was iron deficiency anemia, I обследовалась a long time ago, but the cause and found. So I just употребляла iron in the capsules and tried to eat foods rich in these микроэлементом. And I thought, why me an ask for help to alternative medicine and go to doctors who helped my son. Побеседовав with me and is looking for fresh results of the analyses, dr. and was advise me to hand over the analysis on parasites, because it considered that the worms can eat blood, which decreases hemoglobin and decreasing the level of iron.

The results of the analysis I've been waiting impatiently, but weren't all that great. Although on the other hand, I at least knew the cause of their problems, and their has already been possible to solve. The doctor, as well as a son advised me, to drop Bactefort. I drank the medicine the full course, and then passed the bar exam and in my body no vermin was not found. Even after a month I decided to check the level of iron, and it turned out to be normal, due to the fact that I took extra. On health it is, of course, very clearly reflected. Now I think we're going with my son and as a prevention is to drink drops Bactefort.

Previously, I thought I was infected with the worms so easy, and that can cause very many problems with health. Maybe with our son's story will help someone to find the causes of their illnesses and recover from them.